We are working to enable wider implementation of the ‘Mendez Principles’ of effective interviewing, ending cruel and inhumane practices that have adversely affected so many lives through unethical interrogations


ImpleMéndez Management Committee Meeting in Coimbra, Portugal

Between May 14 th and 16 th 2024 40 members of the ImpleMéndez project (COST Action 22128) met in the beautiful, historic University of Coimbra, Portugal, to work on our ongoing mission to support the...

Virtual Opening

We were delighted to officially launch our ImpleMendez project online on February 13th 2024 with a two-hour webinar attended by 90 members. We were particularly thrilled to be joined at our virtual...

The project “Establishing Networks to Implement the Principles on Effective Interviewing for Investigations” (IMPLEMENDEZ) CA22128 is an EU funded COST Action.