ImpleMéndez Management Committee Meeting in Coimbra, Portugal

Between May 14 th and 16 th 2024 40 members of the ImpleMéndez project (COST Action 22128) met in the beautiful, historic University of Coimbra, Portugal, to work on our ongoing mission to support the implementation of the Méndez Principles on Effective Interviewing and Information-Gathering.

We reflected on the achievements of the ImpleMéndez project in its first seven months, where
membership has more than doubled, Working Groups are well-established, and important initiatives are already up and running. There are now 175 members from 47 different countries in the project team, and we are excited to continue to work with such a wonderful group of academics, practitioners, civil society partners, and policy-makers.

While there was much work and planning to be done, we were also treated to a fascinating tour of the University (the 8 th oldest in the World), its unique Baroque library, and its academic prison!

It was wonderful to be together in such an inspiring setting, and we look forward to our next big
event – our Training School for Young Researchers in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in early July.


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